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About Us


We are Hong Kong decimal point is the center of total manual therapy combined with exercise therapy. Our philosophy is that prevention is better than cure, so improving muscle control, flexibility, and coordination is more important than treating injuries.

Therefore, we use a large number of scientific methods, including electric fascia knife, (PNF) elongation therapy, (DYS) dynamic body stretching method, muscle resistance training, weight training and other methods, to ensure that patients can completely solve the problem of injury, rather than treating the symptoms and not the root cause.


Our instructors

Our instructors hold internationally recognised professional qualifications as personal trainers, manual therapy and stretching therapists, and some are ex-Hong Kong athletes. They also have other professional qualifications, including strength training, rehabilitation training, injury treatment and other professional qualifications. With rich experience in training and rehabilitation, they can improve your pain and sports performance.

Our therapists are composed of gymnasts, track and field athletes, and bodybuilders. They have real-world experience and can apply what they have learned, not just on paper.

Registered Physio Therapist - Adam

Adam Is a Hong Kong registered physiotherapist. Graduated from the Hong Kong Poly technique University. Acquired certificate in spinal manipulation, certificate in KT tape. Adam had provided medical support in local rugby team, Hong Kong 7 and Hong Kong standard chartered marathon. He is experienced in injury rehabilitations and pain management.

Adam will provide professional physiotherapy services to our clients


Injury treatment, postoperative treatment, rehabilitation training, acupuncture, posture correction

high-end commercial building

We are located in a high-end commercial building, with a clean environment and high privacy, which is different from the practice in which one mentor manages multiple clients at the same time.

We will only have one client and one mentor at a time, in order to improve the problem for the client with the most professional and dedicated attitude, while providing a very high privacy and comfortable space.