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Pain management therapists analyze clients’ problems using exclusion and AFM analysis methods to develop the most suitable treatment plan.


Registered dieticians analyze body composition and design meal plans to coordinate muscle gain, fat loss, and pain improvement.


Exercise therapy trainers train specific muscles to improve pain relief and prevent further injury.


After managing pain, clients need to strengthen muscles and related soft tissues to prevent further injury and enhance physical performance.


Advanced technology, such as shockwave, ultrasound, heat, and electrical therapy, is used to deeply treat clients’ pain.


Stretching is used to increase range of motion, improve muscle balance, and improve posture.


Registered Chinese medicine practitioners focus on relieving pain and improving tissue circulation to assist in recovery of soft tissue.


Registered Chinese medicine practitioners and registered physical therapists perform acupuncture to stimulate recovery in injured areas.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

There can be many causes of pain, including poor posture, joint malalignment, cartilage degeneration, bone spur proliferation, overweight, low flexibility, muscle deficiency, and many other factors. Our professional team will first analyze the problem and then design a customized treatment plan for you to avoid exacerbating the condition and suffering from inappropriate treatment.

In general, it is recommended to immediately stop engaging in activities when joint pain occurs, as continuing to engage in activities may worsen the injury and cause irreversible damage.

During exercise, the pressure on joints is about 3-5 times higher than when the body is at rest, therefore discomfort during exercise is likely caused by excessive intensity or inadequate muscle strength and flexibility. A professional evaluation is needed to determine the actual cause.

Of course, we has a professional team to help you achieve all your goals, including muscle building, weight loss, physical training, and improved sports performance.

Problem About Us?

We are the only center in Hong Kong that combines registered physical therapists, registered Chinese medicine practitioners, registered dieticians, exercise therapists, pain management therapists, stretching therapists, and personal trainers. Unlike traditional pain treatment centers, we designs a complete plan for guests, including treatment, diet, traditional Chinese medicine adjustments, training, and other items, to provide the most comprehensive and professional services for guests.

The fees for our services are not expensive, as we understand that customers need to balance their finances while treating pain. Therefore, our treatment plans are designed to meet the needs of our customers and can be adjusted according to the insurance reimbursement level. Our goal is to have customers fully reimbursed for treatment fees without having to pay anything out of their own pockets. We have partnerships with orthopedic doctors and major insurance teams to properly handle the entire claim process for our guests.

We have branches throughout the New Territories and Hong Kong, including Tsim Sha Tsui, Hung Hom, Kwun Tong, Sheung Wan, Sai Wan Ho, Tai Koo Shing, etc. We operate 365 days a year from 9AM to 10PM, and all of our outlets are of a certain size. We are also actively expanding, so appointments are very easy to make.

Customers can simply fill in the appointment form below and we will confirm the appointment as soon as possible. Customers can also make appointments directly through our Instagram or WHATAPP (6415-7381) for inquiries.

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