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CASE16 Improves Sciatic Neuralgia

long-term strain

9 months to successfully solve the problem

The client, MAY, is a surgeon. Due to the frequent need for surgery, she suffers from low back pain, which makes her unable to perform surgery in severe cases. We performed a series of stretching therapy and manual therapy for her, which successfully increased the space of the lumbar vertebrae, avoided excessive pressure on the nerves, and successfully relieved the problem. At the same time, we corrected her working posture and taught her to use other muscles to support the body.

MAY’s body is relatively thin and lacks muscle support, which is the main cause of her neuralgia. Although she is a doctor, she doesn’t care about exercise and nutrition. So we adjusted the diet plan and training plan for her. MAY will come to the center for strength training twice a week, and he will also train once in the fitness room of the club according to our arrangement!