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Insurance Claims


Yes, we accept company insurance, accident insurance, etc.
We provide pain management, accidental injury treatment, postoperative treatment, etc. In addition, we also provide stretching treatment, strength training and exercise treatment.
Different insurance companies and insurance plans also have different claims requirements; some accept patients to seek medical treatment from a physiotherapist and claim claims directly, while some insurance companies require patients to seek medical treatment from general practitioners and Western medicine practitioners first, and then to seek medical advice from general practitioners. Western medicine referral for physical therapy.
Most accident insurance plans include the relevant physiotherapy expenses (but the amount and terms are slightly different); if a referral letter from Western medicine is required, the patient needs to explain to the doctor the time when the injury occurred 1) when seeking treatment from a general Western doctor ; 2) Location; 3) Injuries, etc. (such as sprains, falls, etc.).
Some insurance companies require general practitioners to fill in the insurance claim form. For details, please check with your insurance agent or call the general clinic.