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Our Service


Through fascia, PNF treatment of sunburn, close-fitting cloth method, soft tissue treatment and other methods, we will perform knee surgery and anti-inflammatory for you. Joint pain, cervical pain, joint pain and other problems, tailor-made solutions according to customers.


Through stretching treatment, the stretchability of the client’s body joints can be increased, and the range of motion of each joint can be increased, which can improve the range of motion and increase sports performance. Stretching therapy can also effectively increase the client’s muscle control ability, and at the same time can reduce the pressure on the joints, effectively reducing the chance of injury.


Using tools such as manual relaxation and fascial knife to relax the tight soft tissues of the body, including muscles, tendons, breams and other tissues, increase blood circulation and restore elasticity of soft tissues, which can improve sports performance and reduce the chance of injury. Muscle-fascial relaxation is also effective in assisting clients who have been injured before, because the injured tissue will scab and form scar tissue, which will reduce the elasticity of the soft tissue and affect the function.


By improving body position, manual therapy and stretching therapy, we can improve poor posture for clients, which can effectively improve and prevent pain symptoms and reduce the chance of joint pain.


By improving muscle control, increasing flexibility, increasing soft tissue elasticity, correcting posture, etc., it can effectively improve performance during exercise, make it more explosive, more stable, and more coordinated, and at the same time, it can reduce the chance of injury during strenuous exercise.


Training for the elderly includes flexibility training, muscle coordination training, balance training, muscle control training, core strength training, and more. The purpose is to maintain the ability of the elderly in all aspects, avoid accidents or joint strain caused by degeneration, and enable the elderly to have a healthier life.


Functional training includes balance training, core muscle training, coordination training, and more. The purpose is to allow customers to use various muscles of the body more effectively, strengthen the CNS (central nervous system), and improve the coordination of the entire body, thereby avoiding many pain symptoms and improving sports performance.


Weight training includes the improvement of muscle strength and muscle mass in various parts of the body, as well as the strengthening of related soft tissues and ligaments, which can effectively protect the joints of the body and reduce the chance of injury and degeneration of clients. Weight training can also increase the client’s metabolism, which is very effective for weight control and health maintenance.


Gain or lose weight for clients through training and nutritional arrangements, because underweight or overweight will affect health and lead to osteoporosis or joint injury. According to the customer’s living and eating habits



We provide scientific training for clients, including recording data, setting short-term and medium-term goals, arranging after-school training plans, nutritional advice, etc. Regularly measure body data for clients, make adjustments and test training results when appropriate.


Bad posture is the root of all problems. The instructor will check the posture for the client and correct it. He will also explain the causes and consequences of the problem to the client, so that the client can better understand their own situation and improve their living habits.


Each client’s situation is unique, and our instructors will assess the client’s condition, including lifestyle, posture, flexibility, muscle strength, coordination, weight, injuries, etc., to formulate an appropriate and effective treatment plan.


Through TRX, FITBALL, BOZU and other balance training tools, it can effectively exercise the training of fine muscles for customers, increase the control ability of the (CNS) system, and effectively reduce the risk of injury.


We use professional techniques to relax the tight soft tissue and fascia for our clients. The elastic tissue can increase the ability to expand and contract, increase blood circulation, improve muscle control, increase strength, prevent injuries and other functions.


We use elastic bands, dumbbells, TRX, VIPR, KETTLEBELL and other training tools to exercise muscle strength and muscle control for our clients, which can further enhance our mobility and prevent injuries.


Passive Stretching Treatment uses Passive Isolated Stretching (PIS) and Assist Myofascial Release (AMR) for muscle and pain issues. The method goes from shallow to deep.

Our therapists are all qualified and able to increase flexibility, improve athletic performance, and prevent and improve pain.


We are located in a high-end commercial building with separate toilets. There will only be one client and one tutor at the same time, which is extremely private. Improve problems for customers with the most professional and dedicated attitude. Our environment is extremely tidy and all clients are required to remove their shoes and keep the environment tidy before entering the center.