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Yes, we have training to increase muscle and reduce fat, and synchronization will perform stretching therapy and fascia relaxation for you, making training safer and more effective.
There is only one guest at a time, so it is very quiet and focused, with a high degree of privacy.
A class is 30 minutes long.
Our instructors are all qualified as personal trainer, nutritionlist, stretching therapists, sports trauma treatment and myofascial relaxation.
We temporarily have four mentors, Registered Physiotherapist, Hong Kong athletes, active bodybuilders, posture correction coaches and so on.
We have several clients who are over 80 years old. Most of them have chronic illness and severe pain, which can be improved after treatment.
Yes, 40% of the customers here are in the above situation, and some just want to maintain health and improve sports performance.
Monday to Sunday (9AM-10PM), public holidays will be open as usual.
No, because there is only one client at the same time, it is necessary to make an appointment.
You can make an appointment for an experience, and the trainer will analyze your situation and give advice.